What people are saying about our products

Browning Tactical Hunter Alpha LED

“I fly a Boeing 767 for a major US airline, and my
responsibilities include a pre-flight check
of the aircraft before every take-off.
My Browning Tactical Hunter Alpha
LED flashlight is small enough to
keep in my flight kit or uniform
pocket, yet powerful enough to
light up the top of the aircraft’s
vertical tail fin that’s more than 50 feet tall! As an added benefit, the LEDs last almost forever and it takes standard AA batteries that are available anywhere in the world. My Browning LED flashlight is the one I always keep close at hand.”

- First Officer C.L.

Browning Night Seeker Cap Light

“… I live in the suburbs surrounding
Louisville, Kentucky where we are
struggling to recover from an ice/
snow storm…. The Night Seeker
Light allowed me to keep
fuel in the generator and
move through the house
safely with both hands free.
My wife and daughter also used it throughout the power outage to read and prepare meals. I never once touched a flashlight during this period.
I just kept an old cap with the light on my head…. These lights should
be in every household’s emergency preparedness kit.
The Night Seeker Light is a great product!”

- Joe W.

Watch for the launch of Treeline,
a new brand of lights for the active outdoor consumer.