Your partner from design to display

At ArgoNorth, we’re more than skilled industrial
and consumer product designers; we’re
expert marketers as well.

Our work begins with a thorough market analysis. We assess consumer interest, competition and pricing and determine the viability of entry. If an opportunity exists, we evaluate how lighting fits into your product mix and what specific needs your customer might have.

We can even develop the business plan, if needed. Once design is complete and manufacturing is ready to begin, we can help with packaging, graphics, sales materials, merchandising and POP.

Grow your top line without new investment

We are experts in the flashlight market. And we have a clear focus — to design and manufacture premium flashlights and headlamps for top branded companies. We provide a new source of profitable revenue without putting additional demands on your workforce or infrastructure.

If flashlights and headlamps would complement your product mix, consider ArgoNorth. Contact us to learn more.

We take every step to ensure that portable lights make sense for your brand before you invest a single dollar.

Custom lights for:

  • Outdoor recreation
  • Industrial & DIY
  • Logo promotions
  • Sporting goods
  • Automotive
  • Emergency preparedness