About ArgoNorth

ArgoNorth is a leading maker of custom-designed flashlights and headlamps for branded companies. We provide a complete turn key solution for OEMs who would like to expand their product line to include battery-powered lighting.

Our Principals

ArgoNorth was founded in 2003 by Joe Shaffer, president and CEO. Joe has an MBA in Marketing and Product Development. He worked in both product and business development for S. C. Johnson & Son, Inc., EMC and Johnson Outdoors before founding ArgoNorth and has experience in the technology, consumer and sporting goods industries.

John Fritz is president and CTO. John has a BFA in Industrial Design. His experience includes: industrial design, mechanical engineering, design for manufacturability, cost reduction, material science and package development. John has held key senior technical positions for several of the world’s leading consumer products companies including SC Johnson & Son, Inc., Gillette and Rayovac. He is also an expert in manufacturing in China.

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